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About Miko

Miko Teng (b.1997, Singapore) has always been interested in digital artworks. Miko has enrolled in a diploma for Interactive and Digital Media in Republic Polytechnic, based in Singapore. She lives in a home with her parents and 3 sisters.

Artist Statement

"Someone once told me this: "Nothing is "forever" in human relationships". That might be true, but it sounds awfully lonely. But I realized today, If there really is no such thing as "forever", Then having someone important is the happiest thing one can attain in life, and thats where my work stems from and grows.

This is where I strive to appreciate different works from other artists, understanding their kind of creativity, and expanding from various influences, creating work that will allow other artists to appreciate my work like how i appreciate theirs too.

I am currently working on a big project, for everything and everyone else that I love - improving myself and the way I express what I want to. Hopefully in a manner that will be tasteful to as many people as possible.

When I am not working on improving myself or creating stuff, you may catch me hanging out with my pet, Cookie watching television, studying up on some new languages, watching anime, or playing Darts in the pub near my home. I also enjoy watching marine creatures swimming and meandering around too. "